Use 3D Objects in Procreate for Tattoo Design and Stenciling

You all know I love technology and Procreate delivers again now with 3D capabilities. With the latest update to Procreate 5.2 (see whats new here). You can now paint on 3D Objects directly in the software. 

Yes all of your brushes that you utilize can be used as painting tools onto the 3D surface. 

How Easy is it?

-Stupid easy

Really tho?

-Ok not stupid easy but kinda lemme show you. 

1. Head to this link where you can download the 3D Objects from Funky3s -> Here also in case you missed it

2. Check out this video of how to import and use the objects in Procreate – Orrrr you can check the PDF info in the link above as well. 

3. Go create something sheesh

Why It’s Useful for Tattoo Artists

Sometimes I have trouble envisioning how a design might flow around a clients body parts. I often have to ask for them to snap pictures of the area so I can try to gain understanding.

This is still super useful but the 3D Objects can help to visualize realistically what you can expect to encounter.

I use a combination of stencil and freehand work on the body and these 3d body parts really help to conceptualize the design around curves or to find flow. 

If you can drop a comment below about your experience with 3D Objects in Procreate!